The dishes of East Islands – Angielskie Forum Dyskusyjne

Ostatnio w ramach Angielskiego Forum Dyskusyjnego rozmawialiśmy o japońskim jedzeniu. Poniżej nasze krótkie podsumowanie.

The dishes of East Islands

The Japanese cuisine offers a wide variety of exotic yet healthy meals. With its constant growth in popularity, we took an in-depth look into traditional dishes such as:

Sushi – rice and various types of fishes.
Bento breakfast consisting of rice, vegetables, fish or meat.
Ramen – noodle soup and seaweeds.
Udon – soup and scallions.
Onigiri – rice and seaweed.
Dango – sweet rice dumplings.

Due to the vibrant presentation, we gained more knowledge about Eastern culture – thus, we do recommend trying out Japanese dishes.